Thursday, 2 June 2011

Me teach good JK eh?

My middle child is finishing his first year in junior kindergarten and has lost much of the zeal for school that he had in September 2010. It's disappointing for me because my oldest has enjoyed school so much. He takes things kids say to him to heart and gets his feelings hurt so easily. We've worked with his lovely teacher on this issue and other issues that have come up during the year. We did make a difference. I just wish that he didn't keep asking if it's Saturday.

This is so different from the 4 year old boy who was bouncing to get his chance to go to school. I've discussed with husband over the past year whether I should look into home schooling him. I'm not working now, so that is an option. Senior Kindergarten is optional in my province. So I've been looking at homeschooling websites and blogs. I don't personally know anyone who was home schooled or anyone that has home schooled. But over my years with cloth diapers, breast feeding and natural birthing I have been exposed to the idea somewhat. Looking at my oldest child, I couldn't imagine how home schooling would have been better than what she has with public school. She absolutely loves it. It's a very different picture watching my son.

We have until September to decide. That's the deadline I'm setting for us to make a decision. I'll keep gathering information about both. If anyone has experience making this decision, please share it with me.

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