Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shiny New Blog

This is my first blog. Let it be known that I doubt that I have much of any relevance or interesting to write. But I plan to write it anyway. And I'm not much for grammar or editing. I used to edit, but I used edit the entire piece of work until I was left with  "The". It's best I don't focus too much on the details and just write and post if this blog is going to happen.

Less than a month ago I quit my job at a major airline to stay home with my 3 children. My career has been a major part of my identity for a long time. So this has been a big scary step for me. To be fair, this isn't my first time staying at home. I had 1 year maternity leave with each of my 3 children. My oldest was born in March 2004 and my youngest was born October 2008. In 5 and a half years, I spent 3 years on maternity leave.

I thought I handled things just fine with 2 children and expected it would be fine with 3. But it didn't work out like that. My oldest (Grade 1) started French Immersion at a new school. My middle child started junior kindergarten. So they're both in 2 different schools as there isn't any French Immersion for kindergarten students. Then my youngest had daycare where he had activities and events. Between 3 schools, activities outside of school, my own interests, husbands interests and seeing our family and friends, work obligations, I found I wasn't juggling them all anymore.

I'm well aware how whiny this all sounds. I need to remember that it's a blessing to have the option to stay home with my children. They are lovely. And I have been able to keep my vehicle even if my husband will now be taking the train to work. And I didn't have to keep my daughter in French Immersion. I could have put her in regular public school. There have been many options that were carefully considered for more than a year with my husband.
I suppose what I'm really saying is that it's going to be an adjustment and I'm going to have to get used to being me again and not my job title.

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